Goddess power is now
Female Bodylove

For Women

Do you want to enhance your pleasure?

Do you want to connect with your inner goddess?

Do you have no idea what your inner goddess means?

It’s time to learn what you want and how to ask for it!!

Welcome to the new movement in celebrating your body.
We are a collective of awakened healers here to share the gift of
Goddess Bodylove with you.


The Goddess Bodylove experience is designed to allow women to feel righteous in their bodies. Many women store old emotional wounds in their yonis and breasts. When we establish a sacred relationship with our reproductive zones, we shift our reality.


Be pampered and honoured for the Goddess you are inside and out.


What is Goddess Bodylove™?


Goddess Bodylove is a nourishing bodywork technique designed to bring women safely home to their Spiritual Erotic Body. The intention of Goddess Bodylove is to honor the female body in the tantric tradition. Our professional, Reiki-certified providers integrate sacred sexuality as a form of holistic healing. The technique includes optional circling of the lymph nodes in the chest as a radiation-free preventative measure.


A woman connected to her erotic body shows up more grounded and empowered at work, with family, and in romantic relationships. Our loving technique allows you to feel good receiving gentle physical contact.


In your Goddess Bodylove session, your provider will:


  1. Ask about your personal preferences for the session
  2. Share a brief meditation
  3. Honor your entire being with nurturing attention through the modalities of Reiki, chakra-balancing, and therapeutic Bodywork.
  4. Facilitate the exploration of your body’s pleasure on your terms.

Call us to learn more about the hottest rite of passage into being a conscious, awakened woman. Book your Goddess Bodylove experience today. We love questions and are here to support you around what to expect in your session.


Call us at

Ask for exactly what you want in our judgment-free, warm, and inviting space. Say YES to yourself and your body’s right to delight!



At our Midtown East location

    • 75 Minutes$330
    • 90 Minutes$380
    • Brand New Clients: $50 OFF
    • Add $80 If we come to you! 🙂


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