Shiva’s Angels is thrilled to announce the launch of
Cuddle Sessions

Cuddle Sessions

At Shiva’s Angels we are committed to physical and emotional healing on all levels for all people. That’s why we’ve created The Cuddle Club for men & women. Our intention in launching The Cuddle Club is to address the natural human desire to be held in a soothing embrace, and to offer our clientele a variety of service at a lower price point.


Our Cuddle Sessions consist of the same healing methods we share in our signature Tantrafix™ which consists of:


– Deep Tissue & Therapeutic Bodywork
– Reiki Energy & Chakra Balancing
– Sensual Connection & Relaxing Fun


The main difference in our Cuddle Sessions is that we substitute direct Tantric stimulation with a healthy dose of compassionate cuddling. Your boxers stay on for the whole session and the providers wear a cute uniform of white tank top & shorts.


  • 30 minutes: $120
  • 45 minutes: $150
  • 1 hour: $180
  • 75 minutes: $210
  • 90 minutes: $230

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