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Hey guys, if you’re like most men in the city, you’ve got a lot on your plate. You’re constantly running from work meetings to client dinners, squeezing in time for the gym, keeping up with your favorite sport teams, and fulfilling your obligations at home.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could feel real sensual connection without the emotional complications of dating? What if you could enjoy a safe erotic adventure that left you feeling grounded, charged up, on top of the world?


Shiva’s Angels is your answer.


When it comes to relaxing and getting your needs met as a man, you deserve more than the quick hustle. Your time is way too valuable to waste on phony photos, ‘bait and switch,’ and other baloney tactics common in bodyrub.


Shiva’s Angels is your trusted source for superior erotic bodylove. Our signature Tantrafix session has proven to be the #1 Sensual Service in New York, thirteen years running.


Come and get your Tantrafix




Tantrafix is a sultry sensual method designed to relax your body while keeping you turned on longer. The goal of Tantrafix is to lovingly hold you at the edge of arousal for as long as possible so that you experience the full body release. The technique comes from ancient Tantric practices which we’ve refined with a sexy fun edge to fit the modern metropolitan man.




  • At Shiva’s we cater to an elite clientele
  • We take excellent care of our exquisite staff
  • We choose quality of clients over quantity
  • You will enjoy your session on a full bed in a spacious room to enhance intimacy & connection
  • You can rest assured that you’re getting exclusive access to a Priority Club of treatment




Because you’re worth it!


If you required an attorney would you choose someone that didn’t go to law school because they were offering a cheaper rate? Duh, of course not! What If you wanted to treat yourself to a nice Italian meal, would you go to the Olive Garden or Cipriani’s? Sure, at Olive Garden you can get all you can eat soup and salad, but will you find authentic bellinis?


Guys, do not trust the most essential part of your Manhood to someone who’s had no formal training. Don’t cut corners when it comes to treating yourself like a King. Remember, you get what you pay for. Go with the best.


Shiva’s Angels is the only trusted name in NY Sensual Bodywork.

Shiva’s Angels is the only service who’s entire staff graduates from a comprehensive program certified by New York’s leading Tantra guru. The training includes Reiki certification, Courtesan school, and Tantra education towards the mastery of Tantrafix.




Book with us now and. . .


  • Get blown away by our Tantrafix session, the new movement in erotic bodywork
  • Enjoy your session time with longer lasting pleasure and without being rushed
  • Experience the full body release
  • Get the best value for your money
  • Have exclusive access to our gorgeous staff
  • Be met with integrity, and warm-hearted personality
  • Trust that your provider has graduated from a certified erotic education program
  • Spread out on our spacious beds for maximum comfort and pleasure
  • Enjoy our upscale shower facilities
  • Escape to a quick and convenient location
  • Pay with cash or credit card (cc processing fees apply)
  • Enjoy our loyalty and referral discounts
  • We love what we do and it shows!

To read more about Tantra, Reiki, and our Tantrafix session click here.

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